2013 Western Canada Provincial Budgets Highlights

British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan

On February 19, 2013, Minister of Finance Michael de Jong presented the 2013-2014 British Columbia budget.  Alberta Minister of Finance Doug Horner presented the new Provincial budget on March 7, 2013 and on March 20, 2013 Saskatchewan Finance Minister Ken Krawetz presented the 2013 budget for the province of Saskatchewan.  All three budgets included changes that could affect the Provincial residents’ healthcare or pension benefits of the respective residents in each Province.  BC and Alberta both took action to reduce the price of generic drugs, while Saskatchewan revealed the generic framework for the operations of PRPPs similar to the ones released in BC’s 2012 budget.

We present in the client memo Notes on Provincial Budgets in Western Canada (click to download the PDF), the main features of these budgets focusing on aspects that may affect private pension and benefits plans and their members in these provinces.

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