BC FICOM Pension Stakeholder Engagement Forum (Summary)


On March 7, 2017, the BC Financial Institutions Commission (“BC FICOM”) held a pension stakeholder
engagement forum regarding the new pension legislation that became effective September 30, 2015. The intent
of the forum was to provide stakeholders the opportunity to share experiences, and issues of the new legislation
and for BC FICOM to provide information and guidance on these issues. Topics included administration,
governance and assessments, target benefit plans and solvency funding.

This bulletin is to inform clients, administrators and consultants by providing a high level summary of the
forum, particularly with a focus on administrative issues. BC FICOM has confirmed that the event will be
recorded and all event material will be published on BC FICOM’s website.

Download the PDF of the publication here:

BC FICOM Pension Stakeholder Engagement Forum (Summary)

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