Bradley Hough Quoted in Benefits Canada on the Topic of Pension Funding Indices

Expanding the benchmarks for pension funding status

PBI Senior Consultant Bradley Hough was quoted in an article on PBI’s new pension funding benchmarking indices.


“We wanted to create a going-concern index that would allow pension plan trustees and committees to see how their funded ratio moves through time and the impact of different investment strategies and different markets,” says Bradley Hough, senior consultant at PBI.

Demonstrating the various outcomes is helpful when communicating with pension trustees, especially those that see more variation in their funded ratios than they’re comfortable with, says Hough. “It allows us to have that conversation to say, ‘Well, maybe it’s time to update your risk budget. And if you’re worried about these kinds of falls, which are part of the normal course of events, and you’re worried about extra contributions, have another look.’”

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