Supporting Success for the Indigenous Community – Tony Williams Interview in Seeing Beyond Risk


Tony Williams, FCIA, is a retired actuarial consultant with more than 40 years of pension, investment and benefits industry experience. Throughout his career, and even into retirement, Tony has provided many meaningful contributions to the Indigenous community. He was recognized in 2022 with an Eagle Feather, a very high honour for non-Indigenous people.

Before we talk about your endeavours in the Indigenous community, can you give us a brief overview of your career as an actuary?

I graduated with an Honours degree in actuarial mathematics from the University of Manitoba in 1977 and started my first job at Monarch Life in Winnipeg. Three years later, I began consulting and took a job as an actuarial student with a Winnipeg-based actuarial consulting firm.

After a few years, I moved to Calgary to take a job with an international consulting firm, Johnson and Higgins Willis Faber (J&HWF). At J&HWF, I primarily practiced pension and investment consulting. I also completed my actuarial exams around this time and became both an FCIA and an FSA.

From there, I took many different positions across the country – primarily focusing on pensions and investments – at several institutions, including Towers Perrin, Buck Consultants, and finally, Watson Wyatt.

In 2008, Watson Wyatt decided to exit the multiemployer plan business. A large part of my client base was tied up in this decision and so I organized a buy-out, forming a new company – PBI Actuarial Consultants. I was president of PBI for the remainder of my career, retiring in 2016.

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