Time to Flip it Around – Wellness Beyond the Corporate World



Canadian organizations generally have no problem investing in new equipment and maintaining technologies.  They have maintenance contracts for their most expensive machinery and software.  Yet when it comes to their “most valuable resources”, their human resources, they expect Joe Average and Jane Average to fend for themselves.

As Canadians, we have a mixed blessing.  We do not see the true cost of ill-health. Our provincial health care system picks up the brunt of the tab, making it invisible to most Canadians.  International studies show that our total health care spending is over 11% of GDP, placing us in the top five countries for health care spending (CIHI Spending and Health Workforce, 2014).  Doesn’t that just mean we have a good health care system?  Maybe, but the Conference Board of Canada’s health report card ranks us only 10th out of 17 peer countries for overall health outcome.  There is much room for improvement.

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Wellness Beyond the Corporate World

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