Update on Bill C-13 for Multi-Employer Benefit Plans

If your disability benefits are self-insured, and structured through a Health and Welfare Trust or an Employee Life and Health Trust, this update will probably be seen as good news.

As a member of the Multi-Employer Benefit Plan Council of Canada (MEBCO), PBI has recently reviewed Canada Revenue Agency’s response to the concerns raised by the MEBCO in respect of CPP and EI contributions applicable to self-insured disability plans. Our initial understanding of Bill C-13 was that most Health and Welfare Trusts, including the new Employee Life and Health Trusts, would not be impacted by the changes implemented in Bill C-13. We are pleased to now be able confirm this fact, and to expand on the implications you need to consider for your benefit plan. (…)

Please click on the following link to download the complete article in PDF format:

Did your disability costs just go up?